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Welcome to free DSE training and self-assessment online

Welcome to the free DSE training and self-assessment system for individuals and employers. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training should be undertaken by anyone who regularly uses a computer in their work to meet the UK Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations or similar regulations in other countries.

Online training is the simple, effective and trackable way to train yourself or your staff in safe and healthy computer working, meeting your responsibilities and helping to prevent costly sickness absences and poor performance due to computer-related ill-health such as back pain, neck pain, RSI/WRULD, headaches and eye fatigue.

Small companies with up to 20 employees can use this system to train their staff for free. If you have 21-500 employees who require DSE training you can still trial this system for free with up to 20 employees. If you exceed 20 users then by doing so you agree to be invoiced £5.00+VAT per user per year - contact us for details. If your organisation requires training for more than 500 employees, please contact for large organisation discounts.

To get started, simply register your organisation below, then tell your employees to register as users and complete the training. Completing the training and self-assessment will typically take 20-30 minutes. As the person registering the organisation you'll be able to review completed training courses and identify any issues raised by your employees.

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